My Year of Living Fearlessly
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"Casual, irreverent prose-with-attitude is Karlins' strong suit.  She has mastered cadence and knows how to wield a hook--'I'm wearing stolen breast cups' begins her fencing tutorial, and who doesn't want to hear more about that?"
~Kirkus Reviews

"This book was so much more than I expected.  I knew that the book would be an honest tale of adventure and experiences, but I was surprised to find that there were so many funny circumstances that came up within the story.  Also, I loved how open and honest the author was as she lays out all of the experiences in such a way that allows you as the reader to live the experience.  You can see the sights and hear the sounds, all you have to do is keep reading for the story to come alive.  The story also made me think of the things I would place on a list to tackle if I was to live in a similar way.  I truly envy the author for setting aside her fear and conquering the obstacles (real or perceived) that lay ahead of her, and I hope that this will continue as she grows older.  I highly recommend this book to all!
~Dad of Divas

"Ms. Karlins' talent runs deep, and it's only surpassed by her brilliant sense of humor and her kind and generous heart. I followed the blog online, often times laughing to the point of tears and I am beyond thrilled that soon, I will have her book in hand....She is an inspiration to the millions of people that will surely read this amazing book. Prepare yourself, because you can't help but absorb the positive energy and the almost child-like sense of adventure that fills the pages of this amazing novel! Buy it, read it and enjoy the ride. I know I have." ~Katie R.

"Amber Karlins is hands down one of the most talented writers I have ever read. This book will absolutely leave you in tears...of laughter that is! She has such an amazing writing style that really has a way of drawing you in and making you feel like you are experiencing every moment with her!" ~Angelina F.

"I can't wait until the book is out!  Reading the blog this year inspired me personally, and I know it will inspire so many others to push through their comfort zones" _Andrea N.

"What a good read!  I felt like I was right there watching." ~Fran R.

"Loved it!  I swear, I do believe I laughed all the way through this." ~Taneha E.

"Okay, this has got to be the funniest blog I have ever read... The project is so inspiring.  I swear, every time I read this, I think, "Man, I wish I had been there to see that!" ~Christina G.

"I LOVE reading about her adventures!  She has the best stories!" ~Sara K.

"I'm so excited!  I'm ordering my copy right now!  I can't wait!" ~Brittany S.

"A uniquely fantastic read" ~Lindsay P.

"Loved the blog, must read the book." ~Anonymous

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