My Year of Living Fearlessly
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About My Year of Living Fearlessly

Based on the popular blog "The Year of Living Fearlessly," Amber Karlins' book, entitled My Year of Living Fearlessly, chronicles Amber's attempt to regain her sense of adventure and remove the limitations fear had placed on her life.  In an effort to claim a bigger, more exciting life, she decided to spend an entire year facing the things that scared and intimidated her the most.  Over the course of fifty-two weeks, she found herself in fifty-two anxiety-riddled situations, including a stand-up comedy competition,a bug tornado, a fire-eating competition, and a night spent alone in a haunted hotel. The result is a hilarious series of misadventures, heart palpitations, and triumphs that not only remind her of who she is but also what we can accomplish when we stop allowing fear and insecurities to define who we are and dictate what we can and cannot do.  .
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